Instructor James Maxwell (r) Apprentice Nathan Mahler (l)

 Founded in 2006, the primary focus of SuperSonic Consulting Unlimited (SSC) is high quality instruction and whip artistry consultation for actors and martial artists. We do not teach traditional "stage combat" but strive to bring reality to the stage screen for martial artists and filmmakers. Our unique vision of combat on screen comes from years of martial training and an understanding that though a camera lens, all things are possible.
 Through our in-house studio we also offer instruction in whip artistry for the whole family in both group and private lessons. Whip use as a recreational sport is growing across the globe and we provide the finest instruction in the Pacific Northwest. From beginners to experienced users we'll find a program that caters to you. Enjoy your time at our website.
James D. Maxwell

Welcome to the home of SuperSonic Consulting Unlimited on the World Wide Web. This page will be your portal to learn more about who we are and what we do. We hope that you enjoy your stay and come back soon! The SuperSonic family of websites was formed in the fall of 2009 by James D. Maxwell as a way to consolidate his web presence and create a single point of contact for his many projects and skills. Original Content ©2010-2011 SuperSonic Consulting Unlimited, All Rights Reserved.

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